What to Expect

Budgets are falling, markets are getting crowded. We're here to give you more ways to help new artists break out. Dauphin Street Sound was founded by major league pitcher Jake Peavy out of a passion for making music the way it's meant to be; not just with the best equipment, but with talented people who give a damn.

Here's what that means for you: a world class recording studio run with heart, soul by Grammy© award-winning producer Trina Shoemaker and Chief Engineer, Keylan Laxton.

Spaces to live, rehearse, and work through new material. A band house. A live club. Creative getaways to Southern Falls, Jake's 5,000 acre retreat. First rate sessions with backline support that's right here where you need it, helping you hold down the bottom line.

The deep hospitality and musical roots of Mobile, Alabama, the South's last undiscovered treasure. A day's drive from Nashville, two hours from New Orleans, and a heartbeat away from Gulf Shores; and all of it on a budget that gives you more time and greater freedom to get working, get creative, and get it right. That's our deal.