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The Board Girl 

To say Trina Shoemaker is a successful engineer, producer, and mixer is an understatement. When she began her career at age 19, the Illinois native had no way of knowing the entry level job she took at Capitol Records in Los Angeles would be the start of her incredible journey in the music industry. In the 32 years following, Trina recorded 79 albums with artists like Sheryl Crow, Ryan Adams, Queens of the Stone Age, Grayson Capps, Brandi Carlile, The Dixie Chicks, The Indigo Girls, Joe Cocker and Emmylou Harris. She has won three Grammy® Awards and gained four other nominations. In 1998, she made history as the first female engineer to ever win the Grammy® Award for Best Engineered Album Non-Classical for her work on Sheryl Crow’s release The Globe Sessions. Her journey has taken her around the world—from California to London, Chicago and New York. She would find herself in New Orleans and experience unfathomable loss in the wake of the most devastating hurricane to ever hit the Gulf Coast. She would rebuild her life and her career in Nashville, before her journey would finally bring her to Dauphin Street Sound in the heart of downtown Mobile, Alabama.