The Gear Dude

Keylan Laxton was born with passion. Passion for people, for creating, for technology, but mostly, for music. The vast majority of his life has always been centered around music. At a young age, he learned to play—first, piano, then saxophone, and later, to get girls, guitar. When Keylan was only 16 years old, something happened that would change everything. He bought his first mixing board. Quickly, Keylan realized that his passion for playing music was far surpassed by his passion for engineering music. He was captivated by the concept of taking ideas inside an artist’s head and helping them bring that sound to life. In that moment, Keylan knew he wanted to pursue a career as a professional engineer. At Full Sail University in Orlando, Keylan earned an Associate’s Degree in Recording Arts and a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Business. Today, with over 10 years of experience, Keylan is continuing his passion for creating music—not from behind an instrument, but from behind the console.